Bright Day!!!

  1. This is the bright day, That should be the right way,l need it in up way, that will be a fine day.girls girls my mind dey, those days we never paid,,l have to stand up on my way; my girl were you dey, come make l see your face, on my day, on my place, what I will say, Baby, lady.l love, l love you,l like, like you,lf not you, how sure you tough that I can do ooooh,go yoo the best, the rest,typdhhd.. follow me up for more emails please like, and enjoy your day with the best of luck……..
  • darkness comprehend light to show a sign of differences, about the world. That means the world 🌏 is of different shape, thought and the likes. What we cultivate is what we harvest, what you give out is what you received, what you makes is what you takes.. Https ://alexander-star-flow. Com. Is the right place you have come to, The start of the journey is not the end of the journey, take time and stay us for your success.. Hustling is biggest and best structure you can ever talk about. Make something out of nothing..


Reasons are meant for solution, it will have been like this, if had choose gold over sliver. Reasons are meant for favor. He lost it, After l had my own…. In decision making reasons got involved at a point in particulars , for the benefit of the doubt 🤷 Good, better and best!!!.


Who is me?. Who are you? Take it easy and not the other way round. Something when they asked you this question, you will take it as an insult. That is not the case. They are reminding you about the standard of your life. So, take it as : Correction Detection Retraction Am most importantly, […]

My Surrounding!!!

Why should it not be today but tomorrow, again and again, why should it not, this week but a others ahead. My brothers and sisters wise up. The more it increase, the more it rise, the most and the wast. Today is a different story, tomorrow will be another worry.. Frankly, You might not understand […]


Patiences is the key. you have to sacrifice because, you will never satisfied.. you have more ahead of you. Your future is more important,l care. Think about your exams. Life is a journey, how do you start it, also examination, how do you write it.l use to say, I want to be the best!!. And […]

The days of the race……

alexanderstarflow@gmail.comThe days of the race, are such to be the mablulous days of the week. This are the best and fantastic days, in which the wish of the people are done in accordance. In other words,it might be the tough of their wish of appreciation, happiness and forever gives them power and actourity to […]


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