Bright Day!!!

  1. This is the bright day, That should be the right way,l need it in up way, that will be a fine day.girls girls my mind dey, those days we never paid,,l have to stand up on my way; my girl were you dey, come make l see your face, on my day, on my place, what I will say, Baby, lady.l love, l love you,l like, like you,lf not you, how sure you tough that I can do ooooh,go yoo the best, the rest,typdhhd.. follow me up for more emails please like, and enjoy your day with the best of luck……..


Patiences is the key. you have to sacrifice because, you will never satisfied.. you have more ahead of you. Your future is more important,l care. Think about your exams. Life is a journey, how do you start it, also examination, how do you write it.l use to say, I want to be the best!!. And […]

Credence flow na you…

I had it big in mind, that’s makes me feel a rise when Am down, see me now, feel me now, God be the glory. It was unborn at that time, and it was still rejected.let me tell you something,

The Whole think be like Hustle, Hustle!!!!!

l gOt it off my mind,l get it shows some sings.The whoLE think be LIKE Hustle Hustle…l tried to Credence life style!!!hold it up to my self and l got it hold up my mind aah.but l get it loss up with my strength,l show it hold like,Am the best beat flowing in the game…. […]

The Angry Day

What I was expecting for the day, is not what I had.It makes loose control, loose posse and make me wanted. The truck of the matter is that, l was expecting to be the controller for the import duties of the outcoming musicians in my village and the country as large. But unfortunately, my chances […]

The days of the race……

alexanderstarflow@gmail.comThe days of the race, are such to be the mablulous days of the week. This are the best and fantastic days, in which the wish of the people are done in accordance. In other words,it might be the tough of their wish of appreciation, happiness and forever gives them power and actourity to […]

The day party 2

The hope!, It seems heaven is on Earth. have a look.l was waiting for the money drew upon my life that day, suddenly the unfortunately thin is that, the promises,l mean the samarant woman who promise to take care of my life ahead of my future is no in an existentians.what a sack?Then it seems […]

The day

The day of hope, soap and water.our dreams are behind our tough, that gives us joy and happinesses.


We need the courage and resistance to the opposing force, to Flow. To rose or to close is never to prose.It prevention is to slop and rose up the bedening off the lines,That means forcus.l want to be a great sing and rap, sorry don’t ask me why!!! because, I love to do that right,ok […]


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