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  • Patiences is the key. you have to sacrifice because, you will never satisfied.. you have more ahead of you. Your future is more important,l care. Think about your exams. Life is a journey, how do you start it, also examination, how do you write it.l use to say, I want to be the best!!. And l never give up nor matter what comes your good girl, be conscious and sacrifice. Even Jesus Christ sacrifices in the cross to over come.l don’t want to talk Mach,as time goes on and as far as life is concerned you will get to know more and more.

Be patient, Sacrifice makes you better. It might be so hard for you, but that’s makes you better and better. If l want to tell you my story you will cry.. Try to learn new things everyday,.. To be frank, practice what you like best, that’s makes you happy. Do you like playing games, reading story book and many more..

  • How to talk
  • How to walk
  • How to shop
  • If Am not wrong
  • You know what, my chemistry teacher use to like me because of my Activision in class…l like writing because I want to learn everyday and God support me,He makes the head and not the tail.always make you self happy,Am only nice but Am not good like that..!!!!!!

Take care!!!

She is one of the most patiences and intelligent artless l have ever come across.

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