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My Surrounding!!!

What we never wish for is sometimes comes our way, so I will never be ignorant about their wish of their evil desire. My brothers and sisters, hundred over hundred is never the correct answer until you see it with your really eyes. I tell you, is only to satisfies their self and

It has great impact in us and it surrender. It might not be you to day but, who knows tomorrow. Less be each other keeps and to protect life and property!!!!!

Why should it not be today but tomorrow, again and again, why should it not, this week but a others ahead. My brothers and sisters wise up. The more it increase, the more it rise, the most and the wast. Today is a different story, tomorrow will be another worry.. Frankly, You might not understand me, but the truth is had to tell, easy to you if you only wish to learn. I want to write a lot on this because is high time we have been through this and it is still hunting us..

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