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Who is me?. Who are you? Take it easy and not the other way round. Something when they asked you this question, you will take it as an insult. That is not the case. They are reminding you about the standard of your life.

So, take it as :

  • Correction
  • Detection
  • Retraction
  • Am most importantly, as, aggressive submission of your background check up 👆 up of your life and probably, properties. The most important thing in life is property that is What most people think about. Ask your self, money without life is what? Is exist hopelessly or useless? So don’t just conclude that life without money is useless. life without hope is useless. Many great people in this world were having nothing, even what to eat was a problem. But, that has not make them useless because they were having hope 🙏. That probably gives you detection. Probably l was regretted of my reactions again Mr Addie . That gives you correction.

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