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Reasons are meant for solution, it will have been like this, if had choose gold over sliver. Reasons are meant for favor. He lost it, After l had my own…. In decision making reasons got involved at a point in particulars , for the benefit of the doubt 🤷 Good, better and best!!!.

Every reason goes with perception, God first.
God first 🌜 and bless 🙏
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Hustling Volume 1 — Site Title

l started my hosting on hustling, but it does end there. There is a lot to come probably my two single of my out coming project, l mean my 🎵. And I thank God for his protection and blessed upon me.. And not forget the good people of WordPress. Com for your great opportunity, support […]

Hustlinig Volume 1 — Site Title
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Who is me?. Who are you? Take it easy and not the other way round. Something when they asked you this question, you will take it as an insult. That is not the case. They are reminding you about the standard of your life.

So, take it as :

  • Correction
  • Detection
  • Retraction
  • Am most importantly, as, aggressive submission of your background check up 👆 up of your life and probably, properties. The most important thing in life is property that is What most people think about. Ask your self, money without life is what? Is exist hopelessly or useless? So don’t just conclude that life without money is useless. life without hope is useless. Many great people in this world were having nothing, even what to eat was a problem. But, that has not make them useless because they were having hope 🙏. That probably gives you detection. Probably l was regretted of my reactions again Mr Addie . That gives you correction.
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My Surrounding!!!

What we never wish for is sometimes comes our way, so I will never be ignorant about their wish of their evil desire. My brothers and sisters, hundred over hundred is never the correct answer until you see it with your really eyes. I tell you, is only to satisfies their self and

It has great impact in us and it surrender. It might not be you to day but, who knows tomorrow. Less be each other keeps and to protect life and property!!!!!

Why should it not be today but tomorrow, again and again, why should it not, this week but a others ahead. My brothers and sisters wise up. The more it increase, the more it rise, the most and the wast. Today is a different story, tomorrow will be another worry.. Frankly, You might not understand me, but the truth is had to tell, easy to you if you only wish to learn. I want to write a lot on this because is high time we have been through this and it is still hunting us..

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  • Patiences is the key. you have to sacrifice because, you will never satisfied.. you have more ahead of you. Your future is more important,l care. Think about your exams. Life is a journey, how do you start it, also examination, how do you write it.l use to say, I want to be the best!!. And l never give up nor matter what comes your good girl, be conscious and sacrifice. Even Jesus Christ sacrifices in the cross to over come.l don’t want to talk Mach,as time goes on and as far as life is concerned you will get to know more and more.

Be patient, Sacrifice makes you better. It might be so hard for you, but that’s makes you better and better. If l want to tell you my story you will cry.. Try to learn new things everyday,.. To be frank, practice what you like best, that’s makes you happy. Do you like playing games, reading story book and many more..

  • How to talk
  • How to walk
  • How to shop
  • If Am not wrong
  • You know what, my chemistry teacher use to like me because of my Activision in class…l like writing because I want to learn everyday and God support me,He makes the head and not the tail.always make you self happy,Am only nice but Am not good like that..!!!!!!

Take care!!!

She is one of the most patiences and intelligent artless l have ever come across.

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The Whole think be like Hustle, Hustle!!!!!

  • l gOt it off my mind,l get it shows some sings.The whoLE think be LIKE Hustle Hustle…l tried to Credence life style!!!hold it up to my self and l got it hold up my mind aah.but l get it loss up with my strength,l show it hold like,Am the best beat flowing in the game….

To be frank, Hustling is the easiest way to achieve guick in life,it gives you the opportunity to show up your abilities and capability of one self.wheather good or other and also the chances to meet different things all together. For me, forestan especially, my first day l meet showdown, The CEO of showdown intertainment in Kumasi,l actually I was very impressed by his approach, not taking me down but also understand me and give me the chance to take step. That makes me Who Am today so, The who think be Hustle, Hustle..The Angry Day

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The days of the race……

  1. alexanderstarflow@gmail.comThe days of the race, are such to be the mablulous days of the week. This are the best and fantastic days, in which the wish of the people are done in accordance. In other words,it might be the tough of their wish of appreciation, happiness and forever gives them power and actourity to hesitate their habit in different art. The art of woshping their gods, reminding them about their experience and other things which is unforgettable in their life’s, for example, independent day’s in Ghana and other countries like South Africa,nagaria and the rest. It has,it particulars and ways of action like, the unexpected student who lost this life during the exams for the past week. And the same story about Adu.oooh bro, see me another day, give me a call,…, follow me up and less interact more and more. Email on, also follow me up on